500 Farmers (include 200 widow farmers)

Production per year : 3.000 bags

Dairi - Sidikalang

400 Farmers

Production per year : 4.000 bags

Aceh Gayo

1000 Farmers

Production per year : 8.000 bags

Kerinci - Solok Radjo Cooperative

500 Farmers

Production per year : 1.000 bags



Solok Radjo has become home of the best coffee in Solok and Kerinci. Established in 2014 by a group of Arabica Coffee Farmers in Solok to realize the social and economic potential for each coffee supply chain to reforestating the forest and coffee plantations in Solok and Kerinci regions.Today more than 890 farmers are Solok Radjo Co-op members. Through a series of activities gathered by all coffee farmers until 2019 Solok Radjo succeeded in reviving the enthusiasm of the community to maintain their coffee plants and preserve the forest. As the slogan "Coffee for The People and The Earth", all members have made sustainable agriculture and forestry become the main focus of their coffee growing activities Read More


Sepakat Gergung Coffee is an Arabica Coffee Producer. Establised since December 2021, this cooperative was built by young generations that comes from Farmers background in Gayo Highland. "Sepakat" in Bahasa Language means agreement, "Gergung" is name of a place that create great Leader, and "Coffee" is main crop in Aceh. This is the basis for the cooperative's name "Sepakat Gergung Coffee". This cooperative was created to encourage the young generation to get involved in Aceh's economic development. Sepakat Gergung Coffee's mission is to be a forum for creating and realizing member welfare. It's vision is fostering and developing human resources between member and establishing cooperative relationships with each other. Read More