Sepakat Gergung Coffee is an Arabica Coffee Producer. Establised since December 2021, this cooperative was built by young generations that comes from Farmers background in Gayo Highland. "Sepakat" in Bahasa Language means agreement, "Gergung" is name of a place that create great Leader, and "Coffee" is main crop in Aceh. This is the basis for the cooperative's name "Sepakat Gergung Coffee". This cooperative was created to encourage the young generation to get involved in Aceh's economic development. Sepakat Gergung Coffee's mission is to be a forum for creating and realizing member welfare. It's vision is fostering and developing human resources between member and establishing cooperative relationships with each other.

This Cooperative has fostered members in two districts in Aceh : Aceh Tengah and Bener Meriah. There are 450 farmers in Aceh Tengah with 404 Hectare of land area and 10 villages. In Bener Meriah they have 333 farmers with 245 Hectare of land area and 8 villages.


Sepakat Gergung Coffee Cooperative processing the coffee from cherries until become the green bean. Educating the farmers how to produce good coffee cherries and teach them how to process it correctly until become parchment. This parchment moved to cooperative mill for the next process such as drying, hulling, and sorting.

Sepakat Gergung Coffee Cooperative and PT Trijaya Agro Lestari has same mission and commitment to improve the lifehood of farmers. We give a sustain supply and bring the good impact to the community. Also we implementing gender equality and give chance to young generation to develop cooperative and agriculture, so that all the farmershave a better living life.